Editorial Welcome




Abdallah Amid, President


Dear visitors,
The Arabic Translation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (ATIDA) gathers highly motivated translators and people keen on and interested in intercultural dialogue. Most are professional translators while some are students of translation and languages and people engaged in intercultural exchange. Others are well established and widely published scholars researching translation and intercultural dialogue.

Although Arabic translation as a professional activity has recorded unprecedented growth in the last two decades, it is unfortunate that translators have remained divided, satisfied with looking for individual solutions, and jealously protective of their comfort zones. Few have been able to establish a real and effective professional network capable of upgrading their skills and defending their interests. Worse still, few seem to be aware of the vital role and importance of translation and of both internal and intercultural dialogue. Related literature and writings available in this regard are insufficient, sporadic and incoherent.

ATIDA comes in to precisely fill in this intellectual and professional lacuna. It is both our "Meeting Point” and “Home” where a rainbow of cultures and people share in their aspirations, hope and knowledge, with a view to establish, disseminate and mainstream a culture of dialogue and peaceful engagement in a win-win environment.

While we are, hopefully, at the onset of a long series of exchanges, we seek, through ATIDA, to enrich our platform by exchanging ideas, perspectives and outlooks and all serious and constructive contributions are therefore welcome.

We intend to spare no effort to overcome the present difficulties and establish relations with all relevant institutions, professionals and individuals from around the world engaged, like us, in translation and intercultural dialogue.

Everyone counts in ATIDA. Every contribution counts no less as long as it is relevant, appropriate and useful. Our strength is in our unity, dedication and perseverance. We particularly encourage students to send in their feedback, suggestions and ideas and field in the questions they did not have an opportunity to put to their lecturers.

Our association is a non-political, non-ideological and non-religious venue. It is not a forum for personal attacks, libel and/or propaganda. While we firmly believe in the right of each and everyone to express freely his/her opinion, we also believe that such a right be exercised within the confines of respect for others, tolerance and peaceful dialogue. This is the only way forward.

We call on you, dear visitor as a potential member of ATIDA, and everyone else to engage with us for a world of peace, security, intercultural dialogue and meaningful exchange. We have no doubt that translation is the key to it all.