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Welcome to ATIDA

ATIDA gathers highly motivated translators and people keen on and interested in intercultural dialogue. Most are professional translators while some are students of translation and languages and people engaged in intercultural exchange. Others are well established and widely published scholars researching translation and intercultural dialogue.
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The Arabic Translation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (ATIDA) is working to bring together those who work in the field of translation from and into Arabic, and those who are interested in inter-cultural dialogue.

ATIDA operates fully in accordance with all pertinent laws. It is an association that has a high level of professional ethics, and one that works for the promotion of its members' standing in society and for defending their interests.

ATIDA provides an e-portal that is designed to meet the needs of translators. ATIDA has a database containing details of translators whose mother tongue is Arabic, in order to facilitate obtaining work for them, and to provide them with other services that are compatible with ATIDA's mission. Additionally, ATIDA has forums where members can exchange and discuss ideas about any issue considered worthy.

ATIDA organises translation training courses and workshops to enhance capacities and skills of translators wherever they might be working.


Getting the peoples of the world to know one another.


Promoting intercultural dialogue and greater understanding and tolerance through the translation of works of high integrity.


  • Independence
  • Openness
  • Tolerance
  • Faithfulness
  • Professionalism
  • Quality